Getting the Best Online 3D Printing Services

How 3D printing can benefit you

Welcome to the world of online 3D printing services, where your part or model can be printed for you and mailed in a matter of days.

For many applications, big industrial printers are necessary for printing at such large scales and with great precision. However, for most organizations, the upfront investment, buying such a printer, is not sensible, and therefore outsourcing production from printing services like Laser Imaging in Houston, Texas, makes more sense. Below we outline the various factors that make up reliable online 3D printing services and how to set your priorities straight.

3D printers working on printing a blue plastic object

Best Online 3D Printing Services

Various online 3D printing service organizations will provide you with various options according to several factors. Ultra-modern and innovative technologies like Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and CLIP are becoming more available, whereas most 3D printing services already provide SLS and FDM.

Take note of whether the service you are considering can facilitate large orders if you have industrial-scale needs. Going for a bespoke service accustomed to small-scale orders can be ineffective when dealing with large order volumes.

Choosing the Material

The ideal material for your model or part varies depending on the purpose you intend the part to serve. For example, if the model is purely for aesthetic purposes, consider the design and shape and go for polymer resins or custom plastic filaments. On the other hand, if your desire is a strenuous testing metal part or rigid plastic part, the cost is considerably higher.

Spools of different colored plastic for 3D printing
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Metal 3D Printing Services

A couple of years back, fewer metal 3D printer parts options were available that required EBM, Binder Jetting, or DMLS 3D printers. However, we have embraced at least one of the pieces of machinery for their associated fast prototyping 3D printing services.

Speed of Getting Your Parts

At Laser Imaging, we can deliver your online 3D printed part to you overnight. In addition, we provide special packages for orders that require rapid prototyping. According to your priorities, you can hire our commendable services with a reputation for fast delivery. We offer the best online 3D printing services.

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As one of the best online 3D printing services, Laser Imaging in Houston, Texas, provides you with a wide array of 3D printing materials and technologies. We can 3D print your designs in ABS or standard PLA, or even bronze, steel, gold, silver, sandstone, porcelain, or brass. You are guaranteed to find the solution with us regardless of whatever your 3D design may be.