Why You Need 3D Printing Services

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Thanks to 3D printing, you can now transform resin trays or plastic filament spools into tangible objects. As a result, many entrepreneurs, students, large factories, and hobbyists have taken up 3D printing. Through 3D printing, you can convert a digital prototype into a physical object, the 3D printing services industry has realized tremendous growth over the recent past. Laser Imaging in Houston, TX, provides you with top-notch services in the industry.

3D printer working on a project with green plastic

What Does 3D Printing Mean?

3D printing refers to manufacturing objects, often plastics but occasionally composite materials or metals, from digital prototypes. Usually, 3D printers add the object materials one thin layer after another, hence the classification as additive manufacturing.

The Working of Additive Manufacturing

Whereas computer printers usually handle row after row, 3D printers operate more similarly to plotters, moving the print head to draw patterns along the X and Y-axis.

At Laser Imaging, our 3D printers usually draw the pattern using plastic and not ink. What brings in the aspect of three-dimensionality to our 3D printers is that upon drawing the pattern, the print surface is moved down (or print head moved up), drawing a new pattern on top of the previous one.

Various plastic objects made from 3D printing
Lighted 3D printer working on a project

The 3D Printing Services Industry

There has been large-scale adoption of 3D printing as the number of those yet to incorporate additive manufacturing along their supply chain is shrinking day by day. Whereas 3D printing was only ideal for one-off manufacturing and prototyping in the initial stages, we are currently realizing a rapid transformation of 3D printing into production technology.

Most of the 3D printing service requests that we get are industrial. However, with its evolution, 3D printing technology will change most leading industries and transform your way of living, playing, and working soon.

Economic Impact of 3D Printing

Among the exciting aspects of our 3D printing services is its all-inclusivity. It covers everything from robot design to doll crafting, from furniture making to scrapbooking.

Manufacturing is not the same as making, though making usually results in manufacturing. As you design products and build prototypes, this can be termed as making. Once the prototype gets to active production, then that is manufacturing.

3D printed skull

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3D printing services are being used for rapid prototyping since they are relatively cheap and fast. From the concept to the 3D model, have the prototype in your hands in only a few days. Laser Imaging in Houston, TX, can deliver all these services for you. Not only do we do rapid prototyping, but we also provide rapid manufacturing to meet your needs.