About LI Technologies

Our Commitment to Customer Service and Innovation was Established in 1988


Laser Imaging was established to create value for our customers in the then early days of aftermarket toner cartridges. The focus was to manufacture the highest quality and cost-effective toner cartridges helping our customers succeed.

As the industry continued to change, Laser Imaging remained in the forefront by continuing to stay focused on creating success for our customers. We expanded into supplying and servicing office equipment, toner and much more.

In 2011 when additive manufacturing (3D Printing) began to be commercially viable, Laser Imaging recognized that we could help customers understand and implement 3D printing into their product development and manufacturing processes.

In 2022 as we continued to grow and expand our expertise, we realized to best serve our customers with the same innovative and customer success focus we have had since 1988, we split into 2 divisions to enhance our value to our customers.

LI Technologies continues the Laser Imaging heritage but is now more focused to streamline our ability to create value for your company focused on additive manufacturing and 3D printing services.

Contact us today to have us help your company successfully benefit from additive manufacturing/3D printing.